me: wants to make gay posts on a sideblog
me: doesn’t have a personal sideblog other than my aes blog which is an aes blog

thepoliteknight you spent…… 10 hours…….. playing d&d??????? neeeeeeeeeeerd

okay i need to stop making text posts before they get too personal because im tired af hahaha

thepoliteknight ………. on omegle okay i know i’m a nerd shhhhhhhh

honestly if i had to describe my mood all today with a song it would be blow by beyonce because i’m a ho

i can think of a few boys i would make an exception for though

a very very very small few

stalfo yeah i seriously doubt that i would date a boy or do anything beyond make out w a boy tbh

Beyoncé - Blow
186,091 plays


Blow - Beyoncé


screenshot redraw


screenshot redraw

also ive been roleplaying again which is similarly gay and disgusting