Moan into my mouth while I finger you when we kiss.

rub your stomach while you pat your head

"omg when was the last time we talked i have so much to tell you" well uhh you were the one who didn’t respond to my text please miss me with this


Mara Hoffman Beauty A/W ‘14


Mara Hoffman Beauty A/W ‘14


*Greasy haired teenager in a Led Zeppelin shirt voice* A laptop isn’t an instrument 

i just wanna eat with all my favorite musical artists tbh


there are a lot of adults on this site who give me really bad vibes like. if youre over 18 and youre interacting with teenagers you need to moderate the fuck out of your behavior with them and a lot of you are not doing that 


date a girl with 4 boobs

i want to see the front bottoms live so badly and hug brian and maybe eat @ dennys with them